Domestic Violence Protection Orders

Domestic Violence Protection Orders (DVPOs) can be used to provide immediate protection to a victim where there is not enough evidence to charge an alleged perpetrator. These orders provide protection to victims via bail conditions and can last up to 28 days, during which time the perpetrator can be prevented from having contact with the victim.

The protection notices and orders provide the police and courts with new powers, giving an arresting officer the ability to act in order to protect victims who they consider to be at risk of further abuse. This can be acted upon even when the victim may be too intimidated to make a complaint themselves.

The legislation can be used if a domestic incident occurs and violence has been used or threatened by someone who is over the age of 18, and the level of violence causes the police officer to fear for the on-going safety of the victim.

Do you want to know more about DVPOs?

TheĀ Greater Manchester Police website contains further information about Domestic Violence Protection Orders as well as contact details if you need help.

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