Domestic Abuse Services in Stockport

Providing support and advice for people who are suffering from domestic abuse.

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Remember! Always dial 999 in an emergency

What is Domestic Abuse/Violence?

Domestic Abuse is defined as any violence or other abuse between family members, current or former partners in an intimate relationship, whenever and wherever the incidents occur. It may include physical, sexual, emotional or financial abuse.

Who does domestic abuse concern?

Anyone can experience domestic violence/abuse – either as a victim or a perpetrator – it can happen in all kinds of relationships and for any reason, regardless of age, race, sex, sexuality, disability, wealth, geography and lifestyle. It is rarely a single event.

Speak out and end the fear

If you are worried about domestic abuse, try to find someone you trust who can listen and help you think about your options. You can call the Domestic Abuse Helpline for help and advice 24 hours a day on 0161 636 7525

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